Congratulations to our Keep Christ in Christmas Contest 2011 Winners

Our overall winner is Sarah Anderson - 8th grade, Lial School. Sarah will represent Council #11370 at the Chapter competition level. Good Luck Sarah!


Thanks again to all of you who helped with the judging of our KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS poster entries at our social meeting on 12/14. A special thank you to Fr. Kishore, Fr. Keith, and all the "Lady Knights" who also attended and assisted in the judging


Here's a recap of the results for our council program report:


There were 154 total poster entries this year. 142 entries from Lial School. 12 entries from St. Joseph School.


Grade level finalists:


Student: Emma Kudlac Grade: 1st School: Lial Teacher: Mrs. Miller


Student: Brian Grade: Primary School: Lial Teacher: Mrs. Maltman


Student: Jackson Price Grade: 3rd School: Lial Teacher: Mrs. Maltman


Student: Molly Mattimoe Grade: 4th School: Lial Teacher: Mr. Farrell


Student: Regan Bohm Grade: 5th School: Lial Teacher: Sr. Cheryl


Student: Tate Reno Grade: 6th School: Lial Teacher: Mrs. Chompa


Student: Sarah Anderson Grade: 8th School: Lial Teacher: Mrs. Chirico


Winners of our local council recieved a gift certificate from Reger's


The overall Greater Toledo Chapter Billboard winner... will be announce soon!